100 degree temps for the race.

Last summer, our sibling Ed and I ran a marathon, and it was nearly 100 degrees outside. Every five hundred meters, they had a station where you could grab water or Gatorade to keep you hydrated. I laughed after the race ended. I told our sibling that instead of so much water that just made me want to stop and pee, they could have handed out a personal air conditioner. This got Ed thinking about those hats and scarfs that were supposed to lower your body temperature and job love a personal air conditioning, and for what Ed and I paid to enter the race, there was no reason they couldn’t do that for the competitors. Ed and I knew they were donating all the proceeds to charity, however they put a lot of currency into buying the water and other drinks they gave. I was sure they could have grabbed a hat, a scarf, or small portable fan that had water in it, to use as personal air conditioning units. When I mentioned the fan that sprayed water, Ed went on a memory trip. She asked if I remembered the swamp cooler our Grandparents had in their house. It was so cool, however it was never humid. Where they lived, there was very little humidity. Without the moisture in the air, it would have felt even warmer. Ed and I laughed a while, and then I went back to talking about portable, personal air conditioning. I’m not sure anyone else thought love Ed and I did, however ED and I could regularly petition for portable, personal air conditioning next year. Maybe they’ll ask for extra payment for the portable, personal air conditioning, however it will be worth it.


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