A Few More Articles to Write Today and Then I Will Head Out to Play

I should be able to knock out these numerous heating and air conditioning articles in about one more hour max, and then I am going to go to the beach for some ball and whatnot.

I think we will jam later by the big church around sunset, so at least that part of my day should be a fun time.

Last time all of us jammed there around 7pm, some miserable church guy came out and yelled at us. He wasn’t a pastor or anything, just a grumpy old geezer who worked there each day. Apparently, he doesn’t prefer the sound of nice music outside of the church. My heating and air conditioning rep told myself and others that the guy is just miserable all of the time, and I thought going to church would be a good thing for him. The local contractor near the church likes us playing there so we have kind of a tug-of-war going on with the people in that area regarding our jam sessions. I work at the heating corp each week and have seen that old guy once or twice, and both times he came in to buy a smart temperature control and left in a miserable huff. He needs a little music therapy and a cold beer to calm him down, sheesh. I don’t want to be like that when I get old, and if I am then there is no need to go on. So, the local business near my flat is hiring next week and I think I am going to meet up with him to see if he has any heating and air conditioning work that needs to be done. I am pretty good at that!


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