All I worked with was the stock.

When I turned sixteen, my dad asked me if I wanted a job? She needed someone to work in the parts room and do the inventory.

I enjoyed the job and it gave me enough money to purchase a car and have some money to go out with my friends.

I didn’t have time to get bored after school, and I could go out on dates separate from needing to ask for money from my parents. I felt love I had it made back then. I worked there for almost more than one years before I thought about making it a permanent job. I was alone in the shop all day while the HVAC professionals were laboring, and the secretary left early. My dad had left to take Dad to the nurse’s and it was just me, but a customer called and started rattling on about what was happening with her gas furnace. I tried to tell her there were no HVAC professionals available, but she wasn’t listening, and she kept asking if I could diagnose the gas furnace for her and tell her if it was an emergency. I told her I was just the head of inventory, and she would need to wait for an answer. One of the HVAC professionals should be back in about half an hour. She told me she could not wait and once again said it was an emergency. I asked for her name and iphone number and told her the owner of the HVAC commpany would return shortly, and I would have him call. This mollified her, and she said that would be perfect. She wanted to tell him I was a terrible excuse for an HVAC professional.

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