Bust out That Heating Device Because it is Going to Get Frosty Soon

Is the weather getting colder where you live? It is definitely getting cooler here in the southern Spanish coastal town where I live.

It was really warm a few weeks ago, much too warm for the start of the month of November, but that has all changed rather abruptly over the past two weeks and a lot of local businesses are using space heaters outside.

Now the low at night is dipping down to about 45F with a high in the day of about 65F. This makes me feel better because it doesn’t feel like the climate change is getting out of hand yet. I bet in 50 years we will run the air conditioner during the month of January and February as the world heats up. Imagine not having to use your heat anymore during winter, that would be really weird, but I guess the way we are heading it is going to be a reality one day. I still like coming home in the winter to a nice warm house with a fireplace burning some maple wood. There is nothing like the smell of a good fire in the fireplace is there? I think we have a long time till it gets that hot where we won’t need the heating anymore, especially in the northern hemisphere where the temps can stay below freezing for months on end. There are some places where you don’t ever use the air conditioning and end up running your furnace even in the months of summer. I guess we are all in this together and maybe we can stop it from happening.

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