Happy Thanksgiving to You All and Stay Warm With Your Climate Control System

Today is Thanksgiving and I am having three friends come over for dinner.

We are doing an Indian style dinner with lentils and rice with some veggies.

It is a very simple meal and I have already made it so all I have to do is heat it up. I want to give thanks for the plane ticket that I was able to buy to take me home for Christmas. I will be going back to see my family and friends and I am very thankful that I am getting to do so. The HVAC business where I work has been great to me and I was able to save enough money to get the plane ticket. I won’t have much spending money while back in the states but I plan on spending most of the time at mom’s house so I don’t need a lot of spending money for that. This local business near my mom’s house may even have some work for me, as the local contractor who runs it is also a good friend of mine. He has been running that outfit for a long time and usually has a heavy workload and is happy to have me work for him while I am back home visiting everyone. I’ve done a lot of ductwork repairs and duct cleaning jobs for the guy over the years and we have a fun time working together. I think I will work for him a few days a week when I am back home so I still have time to visit my family.


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