I left a shop because the air conditioning was broken

I love going to art galleries! It is a single of my number one things to do after going to see my first gallery over 15 years ago.

There is usually so much history to be l earned inside these galleries and I love it all.

I care about going to see smaller galleries. I especially love going to see art galleries in small towns because they have a single of a kind paintings from local artists. Additionally, you can consistently find more than just artwork, you can also find incredible handmade pieces that are good for gifts. So, whenever I am in a small town, I consistently try to find a gallery to visit to search for my next good work of art, but over the Summer, I visited the Delta section of the country and it is a single of my number one parts of the country to find locally made pieces as well as paintings. In fact, I bought a appealing vase in a single of these galleries and it has been my number one piece that I have collected to date. Anyway, while I visited the gallery last Summer, it was while I was in the middle of a heat wave. And if you believe anything about the Delta, you believe that it’s both sizzling and humid; Unblessedly, on the day I visited the gallery they had no air conditioning. It had broken down that day and the owner was waiting for the Heating and A/C supplier to come and fix the unit. As soon as I walked into the gallery, I could tell that the air conditioning was out. It was severely sizzling and humid inside. The owner did have a couple of fans blowing, but that did nothing for the heat. Unblessedly, I wasn’t able to stay inside the gallery for too long without air conditioning, so I left without purchasing a thing.


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