I wanted to be an HVAC service tech.

I grew up a military kid, however my mom and us adolescents followed our Mom to every military base that they assigned him to! By the time I was fifteen, I had been to countries that other people never even dream of, however I attended several odd high colleges before graduation. I Was much younger then, and I appreciated traveling all over, however when I was older, I needed friends. I wanted stability, and I wanted to have a home of our own, but after graduation from high college, I went back to the United States and enrolled in HVAC technical college. My Mom thought I should join the military, however this is our life and not his. You know, the only real lesson I learned from our Mom, 1 I wish I hadn’t, was that ladies regularly flocked to men in uniform. I thought our HVAC uniform was going to have pretty ladies flocking to me, however I was wrong, then very few people took a minute look at the HVAC service tech that came to their home. I could spend minutes finally working on their air conditioning system, oil furnace, ventilation system, or even other ductless HVAC, and all the people just were biased if I wasn’t even there. The only time I particularly got to speak to a homeowner was when I was showing them the bill and telling them what was wrong with his HVAC system. Wearing an HVAC uniform wasn’t quite as glamorous or boy catching as I thought it would be! HVAC had the stability I was looking for, and 10 years later, I owned a loft and found our husband when not in uniform.


a/c repairman