I was adamant about calling the HVAC pros

I don’t think you will ever hear my name when it comes to those who make legitimately sound decisions.

In fact, I can also legitimately be pretty stupid some of the time, and but this time I entirely made a legitimately great call when it came to the heating plus A/C equipment… Then all of us are part of the heating plus A/C repair method provided by our heating plus A/C company here locally.

It’s a good program that ensures heating plus A/C equipment is worked on plus tested each season by an actual heating plus A/C worker. And there are other things such as coupons for services. But if there was to be an actual heating plus A/C split down, all I would have to spend my money on would be the cost of the parts. I think this may have been in the back of my mind when I came to the beach house with no air conditioning one afternoon this past Summer. I walked in after work plus it was right away apparent there was no heating plus A/C cooling going on, and the control equipment had power plus there were no tripped breakers. I know the central heating plus A/C equipment itself was running. But there was no cooling coming from the air ducts. I thought it might be a situation where it was a coolant or refrigerant recharge. But then I kind of stopped myself because I know that there was some issue with the sort of refrigerants that can be purchased in the US these afternoons. But I talked myself into looking online to see if I could diagnose the concern plus repair it myself. It also didn’t take 2 hours before I realized it would be stupid for me to do anything however pick up the iphone plus call an actual heating plus A/C professional. And that is exactly what I did plus that is exactly why my heating plus A/C equipment is operating just good now.


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