I was just an HVAC trainee.

When I called the HVAC company to have my furnace cleaned last month, the woman asked if it would be okay if the HVAC technician brought one of his trainees with him. He wanted him to look at a real furnace and not one that was staged with repairs. He said the best way to train an HVAC technician was to put him in the field and let him get his hands dirty. I appreciated what he was saying because I had been through this once. Before I retired, I was an HVAC technician. When I was just out of HVAC school, I was hired to work at the instructor’s HVAC company, and looking forward to working with a seasoned HVAC technician. I didn’t know I would be working with the owner of the HVAC company. I was nervous and worried about mistakes. My boss told me it was normal to make mistakes when you first started out. Working with your boss made it even harder. I remembered being an HVAC trainee, and I was more than happy to allow the HVAC technician to bring one with him. The only thing that worried me was when they called back and asked if they could bring two or three people with them? I was sure it would be nothing but a fiasco with three trainees and only one HVAC instructor to work with them. Of course, I knew I could go downstairs and help the instructor, if he needed another pair of hands. I was a really good HVAC technician when I was still working.


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