Just Chilling Out Today and Doing Some Spiritual Cleansing Work

When I know I need to do a couple of things, and one of them is to get quiet, to get entirely quiet.

I do this by listening to some native American flute music and calming down the thoughts. I also tell myself the old Cali saying that most people don’t even know of the meaning anymore; It’s All Good. To me, it’s all good means that everything that happens is good and just take it in stride. I remember hearing it for the first time when I was playing volleyball with a heating and air conditioning tech in Cali in 1994, and it entirely struck a chord in my heart. She would say it when some disappointing play happened on our side and it made me think about how I reacted to “bad” things in my life. That heating and air conditioning specialist impacted my life a lot more than she even knows just by three words she said almost 30 years ago. So if you feel as though your words don’t mean anything, maybe you should think again, because they do impact others. This heating and cooling supplier used to complain all of the time until one day I told him how negative he was and how it wasn’t fun to be around him. He told me that nobody had ever said anything to him about it, and the next day he stopped all of the negativity. Your words do mean a lot, be careful with them. I have issues with heating and air conditioning unit repairs all of the time however there is one thing I say that helps; It’s all good!


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