Just Upgrading Our HVAC HEPA Filter was a Vast Improvement

I honestly haven’t had that much experience when it comes to dealing with heating, ventilation and A/C equipment.

That was always taken care of by my ex, but once the two of us got divorced, it gave me a crash course in all things residential heating, ventilation and A/C.

I have to say that my ex was pretty good once the two of us split and she still lived here in town. There were times she would just call on her way back from the commercial heating, ventilation and A/C office to see if she could come by just to change the air filter. But when she took a job out of state, she was kind enough to deliver me a large list of things I like to do around the house. Actually, it was more like a manual; it was so comprehensive. But it honestly has come in handy when I am trying to understand something that has to do with the upkeep of our house. Right before my ex moved away, she signed me up for the heating, ventilation and A/C service plan. This is a heating, ventilation and A/C service plan which is offered by the local heating, ventilation and A/C supplier we have always used. The people I was with and I get heating service in the fall and then an air conditioner tune up in the spring. But I also get coupons for other services, and if there is a breakdown I only have to pay for the parts. However, the latest change with the heating, ventilation and A/C device was my idea. I updated the heating, ventilation and A/C air filter to a HEPA filter. After doing some research and studying about how important indoor air pollen levels were, it was time for an air filter update. It was very cool that the first thing my ex noticed was the indoor air pollen levels when she came for a visit.


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