Mother said there would be days just like this, but not weeks.

I kept remembering what our mom would say when I had a recognizably bad day at school. She would sing the song, ‘Momma says’ that goes momma said there would be days love this. I could understand there being days love this, but I was having weeks. I was having weeks on end of people yelling at me plus making me know love the worst Heating plus A/C specialist in history. One lady told me to get out of her house, plus never come back. An seasoned man chased me out of the basement, plus said there was a venue for thieves love me, just because he didn’t love the bill. This had been going on for weeks, plus I was ready to say I wanted to provide up on being an Heating plus A/C specialist. My boss called me into the office, two days after I finished penning our resignation. He told me he had earned that I had been nominated as a single of the top Heating plus A/C specialists in the area. I couldn’t even smile, but I didn’t know him. I asked who complained about me now? He showed me the letter plus told me no a single complained. He particularly did receive the letter. I’m not sure what shocked me most; the fact that I earned a good word about our work, or that he hadn’t earned any complaints in the last two days. Maybe things were going to turn around, plus I would be a top Heating plus A/C specialist again, but I wasn’t going to count on it. I was sure people were getting busy over the upcoming holidays, plus it would just get worse over the next couple of weeks.
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