My Hearts Been Cooling Down Since the Hot Furnace Romance Ended

Have you ever had a relationship end that you honestly didn’t want to end? That happened to me with this nice (or so I thought) Russian lady over a year ago, and I still feel as if something in me died.

I just feel like I don’t care anymore about anything, and I realize it isn’t a healthy way to be.

I was only with her for a few months and then she vanished. Until I discovered about two or three months later that she was married with a child, and was going through a temporary separation when I met her. My heating, ventilation and A/C repair job was in jeopardy last year after her and I broke up because I was too depressed to make it to work. I believe I missed many months of work before finally getting the energy to go back in. It is amazing that the heating, ventilation and A/C pro who runs the heating and cooling company shop let me come back to work. I believe she liked the way I worked and wanted to keep me, however I don’t even know if I would have the gumption to keep someone who missed so much work. I am a heating, ventilation and A/C tech, and have been for a long time, ever since my dad taught me the ropes when he ran his own heating, ventilation and A/C business. I also lost my dad a few months before the Russian affair, so I was going through a lot of loss last year. On top of that, I lost all of my savings from my heating and cooling repair work from too many irrational choices. Life life life.


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