Need to Get my Hydronic Space Heater out and Ready to Go

I woke up today to more than six degrees Celsius, or for you Americans it was about 45F.

My flat was still pretty moderate, however compared to what it was last week I believe I may need the gas furnace soon.

I am trying to avoid using any type of temperature control till I get my next power bill because the last one was through the roof and I can’t afford another one of those. I got my bill a couple weeks after the billing cycle at the end of the summer and was still running my A/C then. Well, as soon as I got the bill, the A/C got shut down for the rest of the summer, so I hope that my next power bill isn’t crazy high like that last one. I am making just enough cash each month to pay the rent and small energy costs. I’m not going to run the heating, ventilation and A/C plan unless it is a drastic need, because I have heard that the heating is even more luxurious to run than the AC. I am wearing more clothes in the apartment, however we happen to get some more days below zero, I am going to be forced to run the heat or at least use my little portable gas furnace in each room. I just need to get a roommate and it will all be great again. The only concern is that my local company property owner said she doesn’t want me to have a roommate, however that is out of the question with the power bills we are getting in today’s world. It will all be okay one way or another I am sure.
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