The extreme heat changes, caused me to get sick.

I hadn’t been sick for several years, until my mother-in-law moved in with us.

  • Over three months, I had been in the hospital with her four times, and taken her to a nursing home that kept the temperature between seventy-eight and eighty-two.

I told my husband I was sick because of all the temperature changes. I would be in an area where the thermostats were set at seventy-two, and I would be comfortable. Then I went to the nursing home where the thermostat was almost ten degrees higher. Walking out into the cold and rain, and not getting enough sleep, had me feeling poorly. By the end of three months, my allergies turned into a full-blow asthma attack, and I was sick for almost a week. My husband made me take Covid tests, but it wasn’t Covid. I told him I couldn’t keep going from the hospital to the nursing home to our home, and back again, so often. My immune system wasn’t as good as it once was. When they put mom into a constant care center, I was happy. Their HVAC system worked wonderfully, and they set the thermostat at seventy-two. Even mom was happier with the steady temperatures. I wondered if there wasn’t something wrong with the rehab center she had first been in, because you could hear the furnace clinking every so often, but she wouldn’t be going back there. I was glad, because I was finally feeling better, and mom thought the heating system in the constant care manor was so much nicer. Constant HVAC temperatures were so much better than having it all over the place.


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