The iphone was ringing a ton

She was next up to handle the rest of the crazies who called throughout the day

I got a frantic iphone call from our secretary last week. She was busy out because the iphone was ringing non-stop. She told me she hadn’t had time to eat her dinner or drink her coffee. People were going silly plus everyone wanted an Heating plus A/C specialist to their apartment Last week. I chuckled plus told her to take a deep breath. I was on our way into work, plus our wifey was coming along. I knew the Heating plus A/C supplier got seriously busy over the holidays, plus our secretary should be getting used to it. The difference was that this year, our secretary was waiting for her child to call plus tell her she was a Grandmother. My wifey walked over plus provided Mary a hug plus told her to go get something to eat. She asked her to bring a cup of root budweiser for her on her way back to work. When Mary left, our wifey told me I should quit laughing at her, plus it would be nice if I provided her a big bonus. She particularly did toil hard for the Heating plus A/C supplier plus she did an excellent task. My wifey wasn’t sure she could handle the stress and Mary had. I provided her a hug, swatted her butt, plus sent her out to the desk. She was next up to handle the rest of the crazies who called throughout the day. When Mary came back to the Heating plus A/C business, she was all smiles. While she was at dinner, her child called plus said she was the proud Grandmother of a little boy.



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