Updating the Central Heating and Air Conditioning Filter was Enough

I entirely haven’t had that much experience when it comes to dealing with the heating and air conditioning equipment.

That was always taken care of by my partner.

But once we got divorced, he offered me a crash course in all things residential heating and air conditioning. I have to say that my ex was pretty good once we split and he still lives here in town. There were times he would call on his way back from the commercial heating and air conditioning office to see if he could come by just to change the air filter. But when he took a job out of state, he was kind enough to give me a big list of things I like to do around the house. Actually it was more like a manual, it was so comprehensive. But it entirely has come in handy when I am trying to understand something that has to do with the upkeep of our home. Right before my ex partner moved away, he signed me up for the heating and air conditioning service plan that we used to have long ago. This is a heating and air conditioning maintenance system which is offered by the local heating and air conditioning supplier we have always used. Every one of us gets heating maintenance in the fall and then an air conditioning tune up in the springtime, but I also get coupons for other services. And if there is a breakdown I only have to pay for the parts. However, the latest change with the heating and air conditioning unit was my idea. I upgraded the heating and air conditioning air filter to a new HEPA filter. After doing some research and learning about how important air quality was, it was time for an air filter upgrade. It was entirely cool that the first thing my ex partner noticed was the air quality when he came for a visit.

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