We made our camp on the beach.

My wife Jo as well as I would never consider going to the beach in the afternoon, because it is always too crowded. The sun beats down on you; the sand reflects the heat back, as well as the sunburns can be debilitating. We love going to the beach in the evening hours. We take our little camper as well as hang outside, enjoying the stars as well as moon come up. It is so peaceful, as well as although there are other campers, all of us can still have our privacy. We have a working a/c in our camper, which makes it more comfortable for sleeping. We spend a whole lot of time get togethering with other campers, however when it is time for bed, they go into their tents or campers. That’s when all of us turn the a/c on as well as relax. We have a small window above our bed, as well as all of us can watch the shooting stars as well as the dark clouds as they roll across the evening sky. In the day, when the sun comes back up, as well as it gets warm again, all of us head home. We have excellent a/c at our house as well as never worry about the heat as well as humidity. It’s nice being retired so we can sleep on the beach as well as spend the entire afternoon in our house with the a/c. Last week, all of us didn’t even go down to the beach. We curled up in the camper as well as spent the evening under the stars, while having a slumber party with our 3 grandchildren. We got little sleep since they wanted to play “hide & seek” as well as go swimming before going to bed. It was nearly midnight before they settled down as well as thought it was time for bed.

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