A super cold conference center

I recently went on a business trip that took me to a very nice and fancy hotel.

The business trip mostly revolved around a conference, and me and my colleagues were in attendance.

There were very interesting talks and seminars, and overall, I had a pretty great time and was still getting paid all the while! Not to mention the generous stipend we were given for meals! It would have been a perfect experience were it not for one simple thing. While I was grateful to get a hotel room with a colleague that had very similar ideas as to what temperature on the thermostat was comfortable, most of the conference rooms and the whole area in which the conference was being held blasted the air conditioner with reckless abandon! I actually like cooler temperatures. We set the thermostat to 69° back in the hotel room. However, the area the conference took place in seemed like it was set to something like 59°! Any time there was a break between meetings or it was time to grab a bite to eat from one of the local vendors, I almost always sat outside in the sun while having my meal. When it’s a great relief to get the warmth of the sun instead of staying inside under the air conditioner in such a hot region of the country, you can be sure that the air conditioner is being abused. I guess the people who own the building just think that when they’re hosting conferences they need to blast the A/C!
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