All of us are going to patch up an old home this year

All of us are going to restore an old home this year however we don’t guess how to fix the Heating plus A/C system, however i mean, we entirely want to make sure that the lake house is as historically accurate as it can possibly be… However, we absolutely want the home to have a modern, high efficiency heating and cooling system in it, but the home is definitely beautiful.

It has particularly high ceilings and beautiful windows and all kinds of original built-ins and leaded glass.

However, the home was never outfitted for a current heating and cooling system. There aren’t any ventilation ducts in the site at all, so we have to be particularly careful what we do in order to outfit it properly. In other words, we want the home to look entirely old, the way that it is. However, we want the air quality to be fantastic… All of us want to put in a heat pump or some other kind of high efficiency heating and cooling system however we do not want to lose the historical accuracy of the original home! My husband and I are at a loss as far as what to do about this. All of us have restored a lot of houses before, however we have never had to beginning from scratch with the heating and cooling system before. I think that I am going to call a local Heating plus A/C dealer that specializes in this kind of thing. I think that at this point in the restoration, we need to have some professionals come in to help us. I would do not like to ruin the floors or the ceilings with ductwork if we don’t have to.

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