All of us met on the internet and I moved to a current climate

All of us met online and I moved to a current climate with our spouse.

I guess I should say that I am living in a current town, however the town is not the problem for me.

The climate particularly ended up being a problem for me because I do not like the way the weather is here. I am used to high hot and cold temperatures and living in the sun most of the time. That is not how it is around here at all! Here, where we live now, is near our spouse’s family. Around here, I guess love it is cold all the time! I have to turn the heating system on all the time and the heating bills are astronomically high. My spouse says that I am overly dramatic and that I just need to turn the control device down and learn to deal with it. However, I find that I am cold most of the time! I entirely cannot wait for the summer time because then the weather starts heating up at last. Then, I can beginning to guess love a normal person again. I guess I was just so in appreciate with our spouse and ready to live with her that I did not entirely think about what it would be love living here. I should have had her transfer to live with me instead. I think that we would have entirely had the same problem, though. If she moved to live with me, she would entirely think that it’s way too warm and want to turn the air conditioner on all the time.I guess 1 of us was going to have to acclimate to a current climate regardless. It’s a enjoyable thing I appreciate our spouse

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