Amazed at the added value from the new residential HVAC

Selling a house is not an easy thing to do in any circumstance. But when it’s the first time you’ve done it after living more than 30 years in the same place, it’s a serious undertaking. Honestly, I really didn’t know where to begin. After spending many hours inside the central air conditioning of kitchen discussing the pros and cons of selling, we finally decided to sell. Thankfully, we have a great friend who is one of the best realtors in this region. It was just so nice that we were able to trust someone considering that we really didn’t know where to start or what to do. The first thing our friend did was walk through pointing out all the great things inside our house. That is a very professional and respectful way to start that process. Because before long, we had to get down to what needed to be changed. One of those things was obviously replacing the residential HVAC. This was not a shock to either my wife or I considering that HVAC unit was original equipment when we bought the house. Actually, my wife and I had the heating and cooling equipment installed just after buying the house. So the fact that we got more than 30 years out of that HVAC unit is remarkable. But so much of that credit goes to the HVAC company and consistent HVAC maintenance. I will say that I was stunned by what new residential HVAC and the latest in HVAC technology was able to do for the value of our home. We got so much more then we thought we were going to get for our home and a lot of that is due to the HVAC equipment upgrade.


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