I am learning everything I need to know

The one thing I typically wanted was to become a certified heating and A/C specialist, right when I got out of high school I signed up for classes at a local heating and A/C school, and i wanted to learn everything I possibly could about the heating and cooling corporation and HVAC repair, heat and A/C installation. I paid attention in the heating and A/C school and ended up passing with honors. The other thing was that I got really fortunate too because I was able to get a job with a local heating and A/C supplier within a month after I graduated. That is kind of rare because usually when you are fresh out of heating and A/C school you will have a difficult time being able to find a job immediately. This is because most heating and cooling companies do not want to hire someone right out of heat and A/C school. It never made much sense to me. I mean how is one supposed to get experience if no one will give it to them? But anyway, I got real lucky with this one heating and A/C supplier, but what’s more is that today I am still working for that heating and A/C supplier. This was 15 years ago when I graduated. The work is really steady and great. And I have even got a pay raise since that time. I am so happy that I followed our desire and am now a certified heating and A/C specialist doing well.

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