I can't wait to decorate

It is that time of the year again where the holidays are here.

For me this is the time I like to decorate my fireplace, but I have a natural, all real and authentic fireplace in my home.

I do not have one of those fake fireplaces like the electric fireplaces or the gas fireplaces, then with those it would be difficult to put up holiday decorations on them because they could start a fire, but with a real authentic fireplace like what I have the fire is natural with all wood and will not go outside the fireplace or even heat the tile above it, and so that is where you put the holiday decorations, however and let me tell you it looks really lovely and adds the most awesome ambiance to my apartment at the holiday season. It just screams out merry christmas when you walk into my house and see the fireplace going with the holiday decorations above it, but there is nothing like it in the whole wide world! And even when the holidays are over, I still leave up the decorations an extra week or 2! Just because I still like to have that ambiance until it just doesn’t look right anymore in the house. But I am so happy that I have this real fireplace all together. Because even on the non holidays it makes my home really nice and hot in the living room section and I can really save money on energy costs from not having to run the central heating and A/C’s oil furnace while I am awake on chilly days.

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