I was worried that she didn’t hook up the wires right.

I was certainly upset when they hooked up my new gas furnace plus smart thermostat! The Heating plus A/C specialist was spending more time flirting with my daughter, than she was working; I worried she may not hook up the wires correctly, and maybe she put the wrong password in the smart thermostat plus it wouldn’t work for us.

I went into the kitchen plus called to my daughter.

I told her it was time to do the dishes, but it took her a couple of minutes before she came out, but when she picked up the dish towel, I told her I didn’t want her talking to the Heating plus A/C specialist. If she wasn’t working on my Heating plus A/C system, I didn’t care, then as long as she was here as a professional Heating plus A/C specialist, she was off limits to her, and she balked about what I said, however she stayed in the kitchen until she came out to supply her report. After she was done telling me about the work, plus handed me the repair order, my kid followed him out. When she came back in, she said she asked for her PC number before she left, then for the next more than one weeks, she waited by the PC for the Heating plus A/C specialist to call, however she didn’t call her, however I had to call the Heating plus A/C company. The app I had on my PC didn’t work with my new smart thermostat. I told them to send the same Heating plus A/C specialist that had originally done the replacement. She was too tied up flirting with my daughter, that she had messed up the program.


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