My car's A/C gives out on me coming back from a business trip

My car’s air conditioner recently gave out on me as I was driving home from a business trip.

This business trip took me 600 miles away and across three states.

I started back early in the morning, but ran into traffic quite often on my way home. Then, with about 250 miles to go, my air conditioning system just petered out completely. I looked at the temperature on my dashboard, and it was 97° outside! The humidity was intense as well. I was looking for up to 4 hours or more left in my trip, with no air conditioner. How on earth was I going to survive! I tried opening the windows, but the wind blasting on the highway and the fact that the air was hot and heavy with moisture just did not help at all! I decided to compromise and leave them half open. I was baking on that highway for what felt like twice as long as 4 hours. Still, I tried to speed through it. When I tell you that I’ve never felt more appreciative for my air conditioning system once I finally pulled into my own driveway and opened my front door, I really mean it! I was dripping with sweat, and I collapsed on the couch letting the cool air wash over me. I must have fallen asleep within a few minutes, and I woke up about an hour and a half later feeling quite refreshed! What a wonder good air conditioning is!
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