Opening a new air conditioning business branch

I had heard of this company since I was in high school.

It was making waves in the state, offering excellent offers and even opportunities for young adults to train as technicians.

When I graduated from technical school, I was overjoyed to know that I had been offered an internship opportunity at the firm. I would shadow the a/c repairman for a few weeks. During these weeks, I would hone my skills in a/c repairs and a/c care. I had chosen to specialize in air conditioners and the a/c setup. The apprentice program was terrific, and I learned much about a/c service. I trained with the experts for about a year and learned a lot. After the program, I was absorbed by the air conditioning company and later promoted to senior technician. I became so good at problem-solving that I was in charge of one of the branches that were doing poorly. With the help of my colleagues and changing up some of the strategies of the air conditioning business, I managed to revive the branch. Shortly after finishing that project, I was tasked with opening another branch in another state. I had to develop new strategies to see our services gain popularity with home and property owners. We were selling our central air conditioners and air conditioning filters at a discounted rate to draw customers to our business. We also offered complimentary air conditioning install and guidelines by the air conditioning professionals. Our best sellers were the digital thermostats. A lot of homeowners would opt for this climate control more than others. We had successfully set up the business in about six months.



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