Staying at an Airbnb for the weekend

I want to be comfortable when I’m not outside

This weekend the guys and I are staying at an Airbnb that is close to the ski resort. Communication with the guys has been rocky. We have been trying to figure out where to meet up, food, drinks, etc. I think we have it all covered. If not there is a small convenient store nearby. This is our annual thing. We skipped last year unfortunately because my friend Steve tried fixing his A/C unit and he ended up in the hospital. I told him he should have called a HVAC technician to do it. A few weeks before this weekend he wanted to fix his A/C again. He claimed he watched youtube videos and knows what he did wrong. I told him it was a bad idea and just in case I paid for a cooling technician to come to his house. I’m not missing this year. We all met up at the Airbnb with a lady giving us the keys to the place with a list of instructions. We all walked in and it felt like the furnace was turned up to 100 degrees! My friend John found the thermostat and wanted to turn it completely off so we could be ready to go outside. I only agreed to shut it off for an hour or so because of how hot it is but in no way will I agree to have it off for several hours. I want to be comfortable when I’m not outside. Tomorrow is the day we get outside. We agreed to be ready by 9am but Steve is the person that we worry won’t get up on time. Still I can’t wait to get out on the snow!

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