Taking care of my mother

My mother is getting to an age where she needs someone there.

My wife and I do all all of us can for her. She lives with us and you can find her unbelievable in her room or lounging in her chair watching her programs. Other than that you can find her in the family room helping my wife or baking. With the holidays coming up I get gleeful because she bakes the best cookies. I don’t think what has about them but they can not be beat by anyone. She moved in after my father passed 5 years ago. I would not want her anywhere else besides here with my wife and I. All those years struggling as a single mom, living paycheck to paycheck, on food stamps, making sure all of us had clothes, a roof over our head, etc. She deserves a life of happiness and I am doing my best to give it to her. I love my mom, I easily do but there is a downside. She regularly wants the temperature control set to 85 degrees. I turn the temperature control dial to more of a satisfactory temperature of 68 degrees. This has been ongoing ever since fall hit. It is colder outside for sure but 85 degrees? I am strongly thinking about putting a smart temperature control in so I can have more control. While I am at work she can have it warmer but within an hour from myself and others going home I can set the temperature to what the family is used to. I shall have to ask my neighbor Ryan how it works and the benefits. For now I am going to buy a portable space heating system for her kitchen. She can turn that heat up to 1000 degrees if she likes.



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