The air conditioner installation went smoothly

When I bought a brand new air conditioning system from the heating and AC business I was worried about how the installation would go.

I had a friend of mine who didn’t reassure me by telling me her installation horror story.

If she went into great detail to tell me about how a couple years ago she bought a brand new air conditioning system she didn’t really think that much about what he did an AC business so she was going to go with having a saw and so she just quickly scheduled an appointment with the nearest one and didn’t think much else. Well she said that the guy must not know what he was doing because he seemed to rush out here, installed it as quickly as possible and then left. She said not only that the air conditioning system did not work when it was supposed to be installed, but it was awfully crooked and backwards! How do you mess up that badly? Her story didn’t help my worries about how my own installation may go. Thankfully my installation went smoothly in comparison to hers. The heat and AC professionals came out here, they went straight to work on installing my brand new heating and cooling system, answered all my questions and now I have a brand new heating and AC unit that has been working perfectly. I think my friend just got unlucky.


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