Can you tell me about it

My partner were current home hunting, and the first thing he asked when every one of us walked into a current home was, if the realtor could tell him anything about the HVAC system, but most of the time, the realtor had a packet of information for us, and it gave information on everything from the appliances to the HVAC system, to the sewer; The two of us were in 1 current home that looked to be in a state of disrepair. The two of us thought it could be the perfect current home for us to purchase as a fixer-upper, if the HVAC system was in good shape, as long as every one of us had a working HVAC system for the first various years, every one of us would be thrilled. There was no information packet, and the realtor knew nothing about the house, then she called the realtor that listed the house, and she said it was a iPhone in listing. The people lived out of state, and gave her all the information over the iPhone. My partner asked if he could look around the current home on his own, but he went into the attic, the basement, and the garage. He couldn’t find even a hint of HVAC, then when he came back to us, he told myself and others he was done looking, then it looked to him, appreciate the owners had taken everything out of the house, except the wiring, and some of that had been stripped from the house. He said he was done looking and every one of us would resume looking when Winter time was over. The realtor must have done her own investigation, because she called the next day and apologized for taking us to the house.


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