Experiencing zone control HVAC in an office

It’s so funny how just some authenticity, appreciation plus an update or more than one can turn around an entire group of people, but this is what I’m currently experiencing in our office; I’ve been with the company for nearly 15 years.

That means I’ve seen plenty of upper management come plus go; however, when this latest set of managers got the boot, I was expecting the status quo to remain inside the real commercial heating and A/C of that office. It seemed like we were just recycling the same lame leadership over and over again, however but man, did I get a surprise with this new manager. She’s only been with the company a short while plus she’s not all that old either. I’m guessing that she’s not even in her mid thirties. But wow, what a natural leader this person is, then and it started the first month she got there. Immediately, she began to bring each plus every 1 of us into a conference room to get to know us personally plus option our brains. This was definitely a first as no other leadership team had even reached out for our collective input. And this was not for show either. Certainly next week, not only were there clear respected operating procedures in the locale but there was a new positive vibe. She was appreciative of our effort plus even went so far as to update the commercial heating and A/C. We now have zone controlled heating and A/C for our office so people can group together based on their own heating plus cooling needs. It’s stuff akin to this that certainly makes a difference because it’s real. The entire morale has changed plus we are now more accountable to 1 another as well.

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