Had a tough time sleeping through the night

I don’t have the desire to call it a bad night of sleep because I have had much worse times for certain.

This was entirely kind of a normal night of not sleeping so well, as I woke up at roughly 3am in addition to couldn’t fall back asleep.

My heart tends to speak the loudest in the middle of the night in addition to it was telling me what needs to change in my life. Some of my pals seem to be living such a great life, yet I feel like I am not doing all that I should be doing. I am fantastic at fixing my cooling appliance in my house, among other things. But I feel like I should be traveling more in addition to being more assertive with people I come across. My Heating in addition to Air Conditioning appliance rep acquaintance told me that I should be out dating boys instead of living like a monk like I have been for all this time. I just feel like I need time to mend my heart after my last breakup in addition to that time alone is perfectly fine for me. It seems like all the guys at the heating in addition to cooling company talk about the amount of people they are dating. I have no stories at all to tell them except for the latest book I am studying. I was pretty concerned for someone who is in the prime of their life don’t you think? I mainly just work on heat pumps in addition to smart thermostats during the afternoon in addition to go back to my dwelling to be alone again at night. Maybe I should get on a dating site, however that just sounds stressful.


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