Maybe I should focus more on dating and not my HVAC work

So I was crying the other day about how lonely I have been the past year, not dating one person the entire time.

Does this mean that my dating years are finished, or is it just that I need a good break plus am keeping myself alone on purpose? I’m only 54 years old, so in the large plot of things I should still be in the dating pool.

I’m actually okay with being alone for a little bit, however I don’t want to be like my 67 year old aunt who has essentially given up really on dating ever again. She is a Heating plus A/C tech plus basically just works on HVAC duct while in the day plus then goes home in the evening to babysit her niece. I don’t have the desire to become jaded like she is because living alone the rest of my life just doesn’t seem good. I meet some women at the heating company shop where I work, however I mainly spend most of my time in the back of the location laboring on heating plus cooling equipment plus programming Wi-Fi temperature controls for purchasers. I am not going to meet anyone if I don’t change my ways, so some heavy inner self work is in order for the next several weeks. Anyways, today I am heating plus cooling my knees since I am having some pain in both of them from so many years of playing beach volleyball. I am going to have to quit the athletic interest I love though because I have killed all of the cartilage in both knees at this point.

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