Moving from south to north, where heaters are important

Do you know the difference between the seasons of Summer, Fall, and Spring in the Deep South region of the country? It’s a joke, because there is no difference between those three seasons! During the coldest days of winter I might experience a few weeks of chilly weather, but nothing that a hoodie and a hat can’t handle. I have lived in the south my whole life, until a few weeks ago when I moved into the far north to be with my long-distance girlfriend. I am still in the middle of my transition, and getting used to the fact that I need to use a heater almost every day. In my old house I could go for months on end without ever using the heating system once. Up here in the great white north the house doesn’t even have an air conditioner, because it is so rarely needed. Not only is there a huge central heating system in the place, but there are also two back-up systems in place. In the basement there is an antique furnace that hasn’t been used in over a decade. Allegedly it’s still functional, but this furnace is so old and dusty I don’t even want to touch it. Also I have a brick fireplace in the front room of the home. I love the idea of a brick fireplace, but it does seem like a lot of work when I could just click the thermostat instead. The fact that I have three different heating systems, and there is no air conditioning at all, still seems crazy to me!