My cousin went to HVAC school at 35 years old.

He asked dad if Uncle Bill was going to join his HVAC supplier when he got his certification

My uncle was disenchanted with his work and said it was time for him to make change before he was too old. I thought fifty was too aged to change works, however our uncle was a handsome person with a lot of vigor. He had 1 more year before he could retire from the police station, and during the year he went back to school to become an HVAC worker. He told dad that he hated how bad the police were and he particularly didn’t want to neighbor with them. If he were to become an HVAC worker, he could do something that would benefit people and not make them tremble with fear, dad told him that if he graduated and got his HVAC certification, he would hire him. He was typically looking for good HVAC workers, and he had no doubt Uncle Bill would be an excellent HVAC worker, but for the next year, he was in a police motorcar during the day, and going to school at night. He loved going to school, and however he was older than the professor and the students, he was a natural HVAC worker. The professor called dad 1 afternoon, and asked if he was related to Uncle Bill. Dad told him it was his twin brother, and asked if there was something wrong. He asked dad if Uncle Bill was going to join his HVAC supplier when he got his certification. If not, he wanted him working in his. I overheard dad laughed and he told him that since he was his brother, he had first dibs, and to keep his hands off the rookie.


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