My kids need to stop messing with the thermostat

When it comes to raising my youngsters or managing my team, I’m not the sort who gets into yelling or screaming… I’ve consistently hated that approach and find it completely counterproductive… When there is an issue inside the zone controlled heating and A/C of the office, I simply address it… There are no histrionics or threats.

  • Instead, I state my expectations and the acquaintance and I put together a program of action to regular performance or behavior complications.

There’s a bit more at stake when you’re raising youngsters… But I’m still not a single person to let my emotions take over and get ugly when the youngsters are being stupid… At the same time, if toiling together doesn’t solve it, I am sort of obligated as their father to regular behavior. And when it came to the way the thermostat was getting jerked around in my house, I was left with no option but to regularize that behavior, then my youngsters seemed to suppose that the thermostat is open for them to manipulate at all times. I have discussed this with them to explain that the air conditioner costs money and my buddy and I have a certain thermostat setting discipline. I even went so far as to get out the utility bills to certainly show them what it costs. Apparently, this had zero effect because they completely ignored me; so I simply called the heating and A/C company and that won’t be a complication anymore. We now have a smart thermostat that controls the residential heating and cooling in our condo based on my parameters. And I have locked the youngsters out of any sort of manual control over the thermostat.


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