My neighbor asked about my new HVAC system

When I first moved into this neighborhood, Dean seemed like a nice guy.

  • He offered to help me unload the moving truck before he even got to know me.

At first I thought this was cool, but over time I realized that Dean was just nosy. He was always trying to “help” his neighbors, mostly so he could ask questions and look in their houses. It only took a few weeks before I was through with this jerk, and I started to give him the cold shoulder. Everything came to a head last week, in spectacular fashion, on the day my new HVAC system was being installed. First of all, this HVAC system was not anything fancy or exotic, but it was one of the newest “smart” models on the market. This is equipment designed and built by an eco-friendly HVAC company that is intended for longevity and efficiency. This should be the last HVAC system I ever have to buy, because the lifespan is 20 to 30 years! When Dean started nosing around and bothering the HVAC techs while they were in the yard, I lost my temper. I kicked him off my property and told him to leave the workers alone, which only made him more curious about the HVAC system. I saw him looking over the fence, trying to get a glimpse of the writing on the side of the air handler component of the new HVAC system. At this point I was just messing with him, because keeping him in the dark about the HVAC equipment was funny to me.


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