The A/C tech was afraid of a little lizard.

I called the Heating and A/C business so he could check out our gas furnace and close it down for summer.

Most people had their gas furnace ran tests on before winter, but every one of us added an extra measure of safety.

All of us wanted to make sure the gas furnace was okay after a long taxing winter. When the Heating and A/C business got to the basement, every one of us thought it would be a straight-forward task of shutting it down. It wasn’t until every one of us heard him scream that every one of us knew there was a extreme problem. My partner told me to call an ambulance and he ran downstairs. The Heating and A/C business was laying on the floor, and he was bleeding from his head. He was still concious, but our partner distraught he had a heart attack or something, from the way he screamed. When the man opened his eyes and looked around, our partner told him to stay still, and an ambulance would be here soon. He had called the Heating and A/C supplier and the owner showed up about the same time as the ambulance. The owner went into the basement and was talking to the Heating and A/C business when the ambulance showed up. I distraught something had happened to him when working on the gas furnace, and I wasn’t far off. The Heating and A/C tech had a fear of lizards. A small lizard ran over his hand. He screamed and fell, hitting his head on the HVAC duct, and he passed out from fear and the head injury. The owner of the Heating and A/C supplier could barely control his laughter when he showed up the 3-inch lizard that caused the accident.


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