The ductless hvacs helped me get a mortgage

It’s so funny how totally into getting a mortgage I was while I was renting.

And now that I’m part of a homeownership plan, I see why, and it just feels so much better to be building equity instead of just shelling out for rent.

And I hated paying rent for inferior heating plus cooling with loud neighbors. So I was nearly obsessed with saving for a downpayment! But putting cash together for a down payment was a real challenge! First, I’m in a public service job that does not spend a good deal of cash. Secondly, the more I save toward a house, the more the prices seem to explode. It was maddening because I felt as if I was constantly chasing my tail when it came to current home ownership. But then I was approached by a single of my colleagues plus his wife! They were looking to put together a group of people who would buy a big house together. I was absolutely interested so my pal and I took a meeting with a lawyer to understand how to protect all of our interests! Once that was worked out, my pal and I found the perfect house in a big, many story home, then each story could be its own living space plus my pal and I would share a common kitchen… My associate and I were able to pool our cash for the down payment plus the renovations that were needed. Instead of simply replacing the central air cooler, my pal and I chose to use ductless heat pumps on each floor. This way my best pal and I all had our own control units plus could track our energy use when it came to heating plus cooling separately. It’s really worked out well plus I really do love having a mortgage.



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