The gas furnace really needs some help

I’ve been living this far north now for almost 8 years; but compared to most folks around here, I’m still a rookie when it comes to winter… I remember when we first obtained our home, the first question asked by our next door neighbor was about the heating as well as air conditioning and air purification.

Actually, it was a fantastic question because it led us to the heating as well as air conditioning company that we use this week, and the current home came with a whole current central air conditioner which included the current gas furnace. It’s a great oil furnace as well as is also quite efficient. But when you live in this sort of environment, it’s wise to have some back up for the gas furnace. For the first few years, we got away without having too big a deal with various power outages. And we have a fireplace so we would kind of bundle up to stay boiling until the power came back on usually within the first 24 hours. But the last winner was a whole bizarre situation, but my associate and I got hit with feet of snow combined with entirely high winds; then we were without power as well as heating as well as air conditioning for more than a week. That’s the last time that is going to happen. I had a wood stove installed for supplemental heating in our home. It adds another level of protection which comes with additional preparation commitments. My associate and I live on a total 12 acres which provides all the firewood I need. But I am still the 1 that has to get out there chop it, cut it as well as stack it. But I sure do sleep better this winter time knowing that we have heating in any situation.

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