The HVAC tech asked if I had animals?

When I called the HvAC company to have my furnace inspected, the first thing they asked was if I had animals in the house.

I told them I had two snake, a dog, and three cats.

They told me that all animals had to be secured before the HVAC technician would come into the house. I thought this was kind of odd. I understand the dog and the snakes, but how much harm can a little cat do? When the HVAC technician arrived, he asked if I had animals? I told him the dog was in his kennel, and the snakes were in their cages. He said it was noted that I had three cats. I tried to tell him the cats had never come near anyone, and I saw no reason to crate them. He showed me some scars he had on his arms. He told me that was exactly what the last customer told him. The cats came at him with claws and teeth when they saw him in the garage. Just like dogs, cats were territorial. They didn’t know him and instantly began to attack. He wasn’t fond of cats, and maybe they sensed it, but he wouldn’t go into a house that had any animals that weren’t caged. I rolled my eyes and tried to round up my cat. It took an hour to find two, and by that time, the HVAC technician was calling the office. He told them I hadn’t gathered up the cats and wanted them to tell him what to do. He said someone else would be at the house the next day, and I was going to be charged for a second service call. I was so angry that I called another HVAC company, but they said the same thing.
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