The HVAC technician told me to go back home.

I had just gotten my HVAC certification and was working in the local HVAC company. I had worked with three different HVAC technicians, and this last one was to be my mentor for the rest of the month. We got to this house that needed a new furnace, and I was to follow along. When we got into the basement to make sure the last HVAC technician’s diagnosis was correct, he told me to do the inspection. I reminded him the owners had already been told they needed a new furnace, and shouldn’t we be measuring up for the new furnace. The HVAC technician gave me an odd look and told me to go home. I was taken aback and opened my eyes and stared at him. He went back to his inspection and acted like I wasn’t there. He turned and asked why I was still in the house? He had told me to go home. I asked him what I had done wrong. He asked me if my parents owned their home, and I said yes. He pointed at the furnace and told me to imagine this was in my parent’s house. How would I feel if an HVAC technician told them their furnace needed replaced, and all it needed was a simple repair? How would I feel knowing no one had rechecked the furnace and my parents paid thousand of dollars for a new furnace? I looked at him and said I would be angry. He said that was why we were inspecting the furnace to make sure it really was necessary to have a new furnace installed.

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