Trying to repair a hot water tank

As a first time homeowner, I have to learn a modern skill every week.

I do not miss living in a tiny, cramped apartment surrounded by neighbors cooking foul-odoring food; What I do miss is having a landlord with a service team that handled all the little complications with the site.

If there was a power outage or a running toilet, I just called the front office. Those afternoons are long gone, because now there is no landlord, so any complications that emerge I need to handle myself, or by hiring a professional. When my hot water heating system broke down, I immediately turned to my most trusted resource – Youtube. I knew that calling a heating system service supplier would cost money just to get an inspection plus an estimate. I could not afford that at the time, so I needed to suss out the problem with the water heater, plus then determine if it was something I could fix. I spent a couple of minutes enjoying basic tutorial videos online, so I could figure out what make plus model of water heating system I had. Then I got more certain, plus watched videos about how to concernshoot the most regular complications acquaintanced with my brand of water heater. All of the videos I watched were sponsored by numerous water heating system companies that showed ads about their newest models. I think I got brainwashed, because after a while I stopped wanting to repair the outdated water heater, plus thought about just buying a modern one. I think a modern tankless water heating system would be nice to have.