We had to move but selling the dwelling was easy

I was aware the moment my partner walked inside the central air conditioning of our modern dwelling that there was something up! She has a particular way of sort of looking at me with her head bowed a bit.

This is a telltale sign that she has something strenuous to discuss with me.

The relaxing thing about that look is I generally assume that nobody’s dead or something tragic has happened, however in those instances my partner is absolutely emotional. So when I get that sort of look where she’s kind of looking down however looking at me at the same time, I assume she simply needs to have a conversation! And this conversation was a hard one for sure, but my partner had been informed inside the executive conference room with its own thermostat that she was being transferred. Of course, they presented it as though this was a request when in fact it was not. My partner had been given a couple of mornings to figure out just what she wanted to do. To me, it was obviously clear that she wanted to take this modern position that came with relocation, but my friend and I had just put down roots as well as bought this dwelling. We’d also done renovations which included getting the latest in Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C appliance technology. I labor from our modern home so I can labor wherever she is but I absolutely did not want to leave that dwelling. At least all the renovations as well as the finest residential Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C I have ever had made it pretty straightforward to sell that modern dwelling quickly. But I’ll be missing that modern home as well as the community that my friend and I became a part of… However, I’m extreme about being a partner. And partners totally support partners. So it could be possible that there will be some more relaxing quality heating as well as air in my future.

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