We were remodeling and needed a new HVAC system.

Last year, my husband and I wanted to remodel our home. Since we were practically rebuilding the house, we also wanted to include a new HVAC system. While redoing the main part of the house, my husband wanted to know what kind of HVAC system we want in the house. My husband was talking about a traditional HVAC system, but I was thinking about the mini split ductless HVAC system. I wouldn’t need to worry about placing my furniture where it wouldn’t interfere with the air vents. The curtains could hang on the floor, and there would be no worry about them overheating. My husband said he wanted heating and air conditioning. I told him it had excellent heat and air conditioning. We could wait until they completed the house to have the HVAC system installed. We would order the ductless system we wanted, and it wouldn’t be delivered. He asked where I got all the information. I smiled my sweetest smile and told him I went to the HVAC company website and read all about the different HVAC systems. He gave me a hug and asked me if I knew how efficient it was. I pulled up the HVAC website and let him read all the stats on the mini split ductless HVAC system. It took us nearly an hour to peruse the website, and my husband moved away from the computer. He picked up his phone and called the HVAC company and told them what we wanted for an HVAC system. The HVAC contractor was to come to the house when it was nearly done, and talk to us about how big of a mini split system we needed.


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