Crazy lightning storm struck out HVAC machine

Last week, we had some exhausting thunderstorms.

There was a storm right off the coast and it traveled onto the mainland and sat there for a while.

It was moving one or two miles an hour for half of the day and our town was battered with heavy rain plus wind. We had a lot of lightning, which is honestly unregular for this area. I was honestly surprised that we did not lose power. We did lose our AC unit. I thought the AC unit was struck by lightning and that turned out to be exactly what occurred. We were staying inside of the home enjoying TV when the lightning struck. I heard the home shake and it seemed like there was a stink in the air. The AC unit was off at the time, although I knew something had to be wrong. I told the kids to stay in the house, although I was going to walk outside for a minute and walk around the house. I put on a pair of galoshes and a rain jacket. I walked around the back plus it was really easy to see that the AC unit outdoors had been struck by lightning. There was a huge black mark right in the middle of the machine. I shut down the breaker to the AC unit so it wouldn’t come back on even if it could. Then I called someone to help. I called the local AC maintenance service. I waited until the morning to have the complications fixed, because I knew it wasn’t going to be something easy to repair.


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