DIY duct cleaning plus the almost disaster

A year ago, I thought I would be the queen of apartment care plus saving.

I resolved to DIY (Do-it-Yourself) everything possible in my house.

That’s how I felt to skip calling the Heating plus A/C company for the tied up duct cleaning plus Heating plus A/C repair. I had watched my Heating plus A/C specialist sibling do it many times, so I thought it would be as straight-forward as fixing up my IKEA furniture… Yes, that’s straight-forward for me because I enjoy puzzles. Since I change my air filter every week to help with indoor comfort plus improve air quality, I thought I’d deal with all the dirt in the air duct during weekly clean-up. I should have called the Heating plus A/C professional for a apartment repair instead of trying to do it. Things went from awful to worse in a short time. While opening the ducts, I didn’t check the material used to make them, which is how I broke an extensive part of the plastic in my Heating plus A/C unit. I thought I would update the air quality systems with just a call to the local corporation, but they did not have spares for the type of duct I had. That took me on a long search for compatible parts while I reMained scared about having to update the entire whole-house air purifier. I checked online, but my sibling told me not to risk online shopping for such sensitive parts. Eventually, he found what I was looking for plus graciously updated it for me at no cost except calling me teasing names that I’ve had to forgive him for because he saved me from a financial disaster.

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