Energy efficient geothermal heat pumps

My family plus I live in a section where geothermal heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat your home.

  • I see commercials on the TV at least once during the day and I hear company jingles on the stereo when I am on my way home from work! Geothermal heat pumps can be a significant investment, but they offer a variety of benefits for more than a decade.

Geothermal heat pumps can also be honestly environmentally friendly because they do not produce greenhouse gases or any carbon monoxide. They are really one of the most affordable machines to operate as well. Geothermal systems offer superior energy efficiency. The idea transfers stored heat from the earth reducing utility bills by 50% or more. I contacted a geothermal heat pump provider and the company sent a HVAC tech to come out and talk with me about the benefits plus the costs. I was prepared to spend a significant amount of money, but when I heard how much it was going to cost up front, I was shocked. It was a good solution, but it’s going to cost twice as much as I expected. For now, my family and I are going to continue living the way we have been! We’re not at a place where we have to make any decisions. I was thinking about making some changes and I wanted to get some information, now that I know how much the upfront costs are going to be, I can plan for the project if I want to make the change.


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