Her father owned the HVAC company I worked for.

I met a young woman a couple of weeks ago, and I was sure she was the right one for me.

  • I took her out the night I met her and we laughed all night long.

I didn’t even kiss her, we were so busy talking and laughing. The next night we were going to go to a movie, but we ended up sitting in her apartment eating cold pizza and drinking warm coke because she didn’t feel like cooking.She told me she was going to college to be a teacher, and I told her I was an HVAC technician. She laughed and told me that was funny because her dad owned an HVAC company. We talked some more, but the conversation never came back to who her father was. When I asked if she wanted to go out that weekend, she said she was going away for the weekend with her parents. They wanted her to go along and visit her grandmother. Since she hadn’t seen her grandma for almost a year, she was anxious to go. The next day I was sitting in the HVAC company going over a couple of service calls I had made. I had a long list of things I needed to do before I could leave for the day. I saw my perfect match come into the office. It suddenly hit that she didn’t know which HVAC company I worked for. I knew I was going to get fired when my boss found out I was dating his daughter. Instead, he came over with her when she recognized me. He didn’t say a word when she kissed me goodbye and said she would see me Sunday.


a/c serviceman